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Affiliate Programs

Supreme Media is a fast-growing family of partners. With a focus on technology & creative solutions, Offering the industries highest payouts

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +20% to the payout.

Webvork is a direct European advertiser. We produce nutra under European standards. Our payout rates start from €34 under CPA and up to €20 under CPL.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 7

Subscriptions to the Keitaro tracker or exclusive merchandise.

Leadbit is an international traffic monetization platform for Nutra, Gambling, Dating/Adult, Gaming verticals with a separate team for each vertical.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +5% to the rate on any 2 gambling offers.

Leo-Partners are representatives of the LeoVegas Group. The affiliate program operates in the different markets, specializing in the verticals of betting and gambling.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Access to an exclusive offer.

Traffic Light is a commodity and nutra CPA network with 2500+ offers for any geo. Fast payouts and mo hold. Quick support.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +100₽ to the rate on all RU offers (Nutra) of the internal advertiser Traffic Light for 7 calendar days.

Neogara is a direct advertiser with higher bids from the start up to $ 1000, with more than 100 offers. We work according to payment models: CPA, CPL, CGR.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +100$ to the first payout.

Dr.Cash is one of the biggest nutra based affiliate networks with advertisers across the world. Available 2809 offers in 242 countries.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus $50 that can be spent in the internal store of the CPA network.

áxela is an affiliate network of Forex / Crypto offers with transparent stats and helpful 24/7 customer support. CPA> $1000, 100+ Countries.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +200$ to payout for new and active partners.

Golden Goose - global CPA platform that provides mobile traffic monetization tools for all participants in the global mVAS market.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 9

Access to an exclusive offer and a branded set of merchandise from Golden Goose.

PMaffiliates is an affiliate of a large brand with a huge history Parimatch, which has top expertise in the betting, gambling and eSports market.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +$100 to the first payout.

Affiliate program in Nutra vertical with author's dietary supplements, own CC and logistics. Works mainly with CIS traffic.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +$300 on your account for 300 orders accepted within a month.

Shakes is a commodity network with individual and competitive conditions for work. Quick payouts, friendly support, discounts on TOP services, wide geo.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 3

A set of souvenirs with gadgets for free and a bonus of up to 400₽ to the bet on 2 offers from those offered by the manager.

MyLead is the affiliate network with 3000+ campaigns and 30+ smartlinks. GEO whole world. TOP from dating, crypto, nutra and gambling!

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

A package of exclusive manuals and tutorials on traffic arbitrage for FREE from MyLead.

Marketcall is an international partner network operating since 2015. It is actively developing in the US market, offering many white offers.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus + $500 with the first payout from $1000

Adleadpro is a technology-powered platform for promotion products, goods and services, made for passionate entrepreneurs, web admins, and developers.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +15% to the first payout and a chance to win a branded cocktail set.


Services - #1 account seller worldwide. Trust accounts with a large age, high limits, any GEO, free appeals, RDP + ANTIDETECT + COOKIES + PROXIES.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 3

5 slots of Premium subscription from for FREE.

CPAExchange platform is engaged in advertising with payment for the result. Specialization - lead generation, for example, filling out application forms, registration, etc

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 2

2 months of free use of the Scaleo tracking platform.

Dolphin{anty} is an antidetect browser with a lot of spoofing. Created specifically for the tasks of affiliates and automation of processes.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 4

Dolphin {anty} Base subscriptions for 1 month.

Indigo - antidetect browser created by team of super affiliates. It’s suitable for work with all types of anti-fraud systems by solo and teams.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 8

Indigo subscription for 1 month.

We are one of the 3 biggest hosting providers in Russia and CIS. We provide servers for any needs, brand new and pre-owned domains, an affiliate program for content projects

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Free registration of domain in one of 8 zones or Cashback 1000₽ after replenishment of the balance in the amount of 5000 to 9,999₽.

IM KLO has the most actual bots bases and the best filters, a lot of ways to connect sites, really the best support and all this on your server!

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 2

Free cloacas from imgroup.

CLOAK IT — Top Quality Traffic Filtering Platform. Easy to Setup. Database of bots and other unwanted traffic, the database is updates in real time.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 3

CLOAK IT Basic or Premium subscriptions for 1 month.

FBTOOL.PRO - most useful tool for working with Facebook ads. Statistics and account management, ads creation, comments moderation and much more for your work.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 10

FBTOOL.PRO subscription for 1 month.

Dolphin is a tool for automating work with Facebook. Management of all accounts from one tab, moderation of comments and automatic launch of ads.

Partner's Prize: Remaining: 5

Dolphin PRO subscriptions for 1 month.

ZaleyCash is a service for fast and convenient ad network replenishment. Bonuses up to 20%; 20 ad networks in one window.

Partner's Prize: Unlimited

Bonus +10% on the first deposit.

Win date
Nov 30, 2021
Bonus + $500 with the first payout from $1000
Nov 30, 2021
Cashback 1000 rubles after replenishment of the balance in the amount of 5000 to 9999 rubles
Nov 30, 2021
2 months of free use of the Scaleo tracking platform
Nov 30, 2021
bonus + $100 to the first payout
Nov 30, 2021
a chance to win a branded cocktail set from AdleadPro